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Weight loss

Weight loss
Benefits of intermittent fasting questioned
Published April 22, 2024
Both time-restricted eating and regularly planned meals led to similar weight loss results in study, suggesting total calories may be more important than meal timing
The pros, cons, and unknowns of popular weight-loss drugs
Published Jan 11, 2024
Are in-demand drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy safe and effective? A Johns Hopkins expert explains
How to make New Year's resolutions that stick
Published Jan 2, 2020
Johns Hopkins Medicine experts share advice for making and keeping common New Year's resolutions
Help wanted
Support keys weight loss
Published Aug 24, 2015
Patients who gave their physicians high marks for 'helpfulness' see better results in weight loss trial / Hopkins Medicine
Cancer and weight gain
Published July 16, 2015
Breast cancer survivors are more prone to putting on pounds, study finds
Do commercial weight-loss programs work?
Published April 9, 2015
In review of 32 major programs, JHU researchers find little evidence of reliable, long-term results / Hopkins Medicine
Long distance training
No pain, no shame
Published Fall 2013
Being pushed by a personal trainer might work for gym rats, but how can we support those who aren't already in shape? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Empathy shortage
Published Fall 2013
Research reveals that physicians show less empathy for overweight patients; new training programs help med students develop a better rapport / Johns Hopkins Magazine