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Why people see colors dogs can't
Published Jan 11, 2024
With human retinas grown in a petri dish, researchers discover how humans generate specialized cells that enable us to see millions of colors
Published Summer 2020
Nan Zhang asks, "Why can't we shop in a new way that allows you to purchase directly with what you already own and save money from bypassing resale?" / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Dry eye syndrome slows reading rate, study suggests
Published Dec 27, 2018
Slow reading rate can significantly disrupt daily tasks that require visual concentration for long periods of time
Human retinas grown in a dish explain how color vision develops
Published Oct 11, 2018
Lab-grown organoids reveal the mysterious process of eye tissue formation that takes place in the womb
New cool tools
Snapping to better vision
Published Fall 2018
Alum Kevin White disrupts the eyeglass industry, providing free, stylish prescription eyeglasses to people in need around the world / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Brain science
How we know what's up
Published March 10, 2016
Scientists find neurons that use environmental cues to infer direction of gravity
Mind tricks
Brain retrained
Published Aug 18, 2015
Researchers learn how visual cortex of blind children adapts to respond to spoken language, sound
Golden Goose Award
Accidental breakthrough
Published July 14, 2015
2 former JHU researchers recognized for contributions to our understanding of how brain processes visual information
Color confusion
Oh no, another dress article!
Published Feb 27, 2015
Hopkins ophthalmologist explains science behind why we can't agree on what color this thing is
APL eyes retinal prosthesis
Published March-April 2015
$4M will fund development of next-generation glasses with embedded vision-, eye-tracking sensors / Gazette