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Brain science
How we know what's up
Published Sept 23, 2017
Scientists find neurons that use environmental cues to infer direction of gravity
Mind tricks
Brain retrained
Published Sept 23, 2017
Researchers learn how visual cortex of blind children adapts to respond to spoken language, sound
Golden Goose Award
Accidental breakthrough
Published Sept 23, 2017
2 former JHU researchers recognized for contributions to our understanding of how brain processes visual information
Color confusion
Oh no, another dress article!
Published Sept 23, 2017
Hopkins ophthalmologist explains science behind why we can't agree on what color this thing is
APL eyes retinal prosthesis
Published March-April 2015
$4M will fund development of next-generation glasses with embedded vision-, eye-tracking sensors / Gazette
Common perception
Published Sept 23, 2017
Study highlights similarities in how sighted, blind people think about the world
In your eyes
Triple vision?
Published Sept 23, 2017
JHU biologists identify new neural pathway in eyes that aids in vision
Laser danger
You'll shoot your eye out
Published Sept 23, 2017
High-power blue laser toys linked to serious eye damage / Hopkins Medicine
Internal clockwork
Published Sept 23, 2017
Study finds that cell death in retina vital to helping us distinguish day from night
NAS honors Snyder, Yau
Published Sept 23, 2017
Johns Hopkins neuroscientists to receive prestigious awards at academy's 150th annual meeting in April