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Tracks of their tears
Published Summer 2018
Alum and NPR reporter Sasha Ingber documents the refugee crisis through the music and culture of displaced people / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Coming home to Syria
Published Summer 2017
In excerpts from her new memoir, 'The Home That Was Our Country,' alum Alia Malek recounts her return to Syria in 2011—when the country began its spiral into civil war / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Public health
2 Syrian doctors receive BSPH scholarships
Published April 25, 2017
Awards were created in late 2016 in response to country's ongoing conflict, refugee crisis
An uphill battle in Russia meetings
Published April 12, 2017
Vali Nasr authors analysis of complex diplomatic dynamics in wake of Syria chemical attack / The Atlantic
Public health
Rethinking the refugee crisis
Published March 13, 2017
The Syrian crisis has shown us the need for major reform of humanitarian response, Center for Humanitarian Health's Paul Spiegel says / Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health
Public health
Scholarship opportunity for displaced Syrians
Published Jan 12, 2017
Center for Humanitarian Health will provide two displaced students full scholarships to Bloomberg School's Master of Public Health program
Middle East power struggle
Published Jan 5, 2016
SAIS Dean Vali Nasr discusses widening diplomatic rift between Saudi Arabia, Iran / NPR
How to defeat ISIS
Published Nov 18, 2015
SAIS dean, Middle East scholar Vali Nasr discusses the Paris attacks and the need for a diplomatic solution to Syrian conflict
Syrian refugee symposium
Experts mull crisis, solutions
Published Sept 23, 2015
Human rights, public health experts discuss ongoing humanitarian disaster at Bloomberg School symposium
Difficult options on Syria
Published Aug 26, 2013
Apparent use of chemical weapons demands U.S. response, SAIS expert writes / The Washington Post