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Sociologist Monica Prasad joins JHU
Published Dec 15, 2023
Prasad analyzes socioeconomic problems to tackle complex challenges related to capitalism, neoliberalism, and social policy
The decline of the American dream
Published Nov 9, 2023
In conversation with JHU President Ron Daniels, Leonhardt explores factors preventing many Americans from prospering
Shock treatment
Published Spring 2022
A recently published working paper authored by Johns Hopkins professors shows that traumatic life events heavily influence disadvantaged students' decisions about attending college / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Baby carriage before marriage?
Published Sept 7, 2021
New research by sociologist Andrew Cherlin suggests a historic shift away from the traditional marriage-then-baby continuum among college-educated moms
A seat at the table
Published Spring 2021
Reviewing Sociology Assistant Professor Christy Thornton's new book, 'Revolution in Development' / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Poor families must move often, but rarely escape concentrated poverty
Published Oct 8, 2020
Unforeseen crises force families living in poverty to move to the safest, most convenient locations rather than to places with more opportunities and less segregation
U.S. faces looming affordable housing crisis
Published Aug 5, 2020
Johns Hopkins sociologist Meredith Greif discusses the shortage of affordable housing that existed in the U.S. before the coronavirus pandemic swept through, making everything worse
How pandemics shape society
Published April 9, 2020
Sociologist and historian Alexandre White discusses how past pandemics, such as the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak, have reverberated long after the disease stops spreading
Mobility program
Smart moves
Published Winter 2019
Sociologist Stefanie DeLuca collaborates on a Seattle housing experiment that aims to lift children out of poverty / Johns Hopkins Magazine
American policing in the Cold War era
Published Oct 16, 2019
In his new book, Stuart Schrader explores how U.S. foreign policy designed to contain communism abroad informed approaches to law enforcement at home