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Back in the U.S.S.R.
Published Spring 2024
A SAIS professor who grew up in Soviet Siberia takes a fresh look at the Cold War utilizing newly released documents / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Two years after invasion, stakes in Ukraine could not be higher
Published Feb 28, 2024
SAIS scholars share insights on the state of the current conflict and what's at stake as support for Ukraine's cause wavers in the U.S. and elsewhere around the globe
Daniels shares message on invasion of Ukraine
Published March 3, 2022
Resources are available to members of the Hopkins community who have been affected by the unfolding crisis
Understanding SWIFT and economic sanctions
Published March 2, 2022
Alessandro Rebucci, an expert in global economics and finance, discusses how economic sanctions could affect Russia and the global economy
Ukraine's resilience, Russia's miscalculation
Published March 2, 2022
Johns Hopkins experts on foreign policy and geopolitics convene for panel discussion of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the international response
Ukraine is now the front line in the global struggle for democracy
Published Feb 24, 2022
What happens next in Ukraine has implications for democracy's survival worldwide, say SNF Agora Institute faculty members Anne Applebaum and Yascha Mounk
An uphill battle in Russia meetings
Published April 12, 2017
Vali Nasr authors analysis of complex diplomatic dynamics in wake of Syria chemical attack / The Atlantic
Trump report a 'deliberate Russian provocation'
Published Jan 13, 2017
SAIS fellow David Satter, has been writing about Russia for four decades, says dossier meant to disrupt U.S. politics / The National Review
A new Cold War?
Published Aug 23, 2016
Likelihood of 'dangerous incidents' involving U.S., Russia on the rise, SAIS expert says / World Politics Review