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Rare books

Book keepers
Published May 2013
Johns Hopkins book collecting contest lets students showcase what interests them / Gazette
Can you hear those images?
Published May 2013
In American Literature on Display course, undergraduates listen to artifacts' stories / Gazette
The smart set
Published Spring 2013
Author Kristopher Jansma on the writing life—and why a little solitude can be a good thing / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Conserving the past
Published Nov 2012
Visiting conservators from Oman receive valuable training in Sheridan Libraries' new conservation lab in Brody Learning Commons / Gazette
Bibliotheca fictiva
Published Fall 2012
Johns Hopkins just acquired a massive collection of books and manuscripts—every last one of them fake. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Minding the Middle Ages
Published July 26, 2012
History professor Gabrielle Spiegel specializes in the content, structure, and meaning of surviving medieval manuscripts
Illuminating Manuscript
Published Spring 2012
A rare 15th-century illuminated manuscript in the Peabody Library's collection was presumed lost for decades; and then it mysteriously turned up in the mail / Johns Hopkins Magazine