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Might as well laugh
Published Summer 2016
For patients in tough situations, sometimes the best thing is cracking wise / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Psychoactive psychology
Published Spring 2016
The good life
Control and happiness
Published Aug 26, 2015
Big-picture, reflective outlook on life could promote greater satisfaction, research suggests
What is he thinking?
Published Summer 2013 Video
Researchers in the Johns Hopkins Laboratory for Child Development explore the minds of infants and children / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Minding the whole patient
Published March 2013 Photos
The Phipps Clinic revolutionized psychiatry by focusing on lives not symptoms / Gazette
The 90-year divide
Published Fall 2012
Nearly a century ago, rival approaches to psychiatry fractured the profession. The grand argument is far from over, and at least two fundamental questions—What causes mental illness? How best to treat mental illness?—still await definitive answers. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Why school shooters shoot
Published Aug 29, 2012
Katherine Newman's research offers insight into rampage school shootings like the one at Perry Hall High School / The Baltimore Sun
What's your 'number sense'?
Published June 26, 2012
Our inborn sense for numbers improves during school years, declines during old age, and remains linked throughout the entire lifespan to academic mathematics achievement, study shows