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political science

Interdisciplinary scholars
Trailblazing social scientist joins JHU
Published Nov 20, 2017
Vesla Weaver is a leading scholar on racial inequality, criminal justice issues
Reflecting on Charlottesville
Published Nov 20, 2017
Hopkins hosts Virginia faith leader for discussion of contentious August rallies and their aftermath, free speech, and the politics of disempowerment
Pig politics
Published Fall 2017
New book by Matthew Crenson, professor emeritus in the Department of Political Science, examines how and why Baltimore's political systems work—or don't / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Summer Gigs
Wearing the white hat
Published Nov 20, 2017
Ramya Prabhakar, a rising junior, discovers what it's like to work in a federal prosecutor's office
Race, inequality after Charlottesville
Published Nov 20, 2017
JHU political scientist Robert Lieberman co-authors 'Foreign Affairs' article in aftermath of Virginia protests / Foreign Affairs
JHU gets $150M for effort to improve civic discourse
Published Nov 20, 2017
Gift from Stavros Niarchos Foundation establishes Agora Institute, which aims to foster discussion of divisive issues
Political science
Diversity, democracy, and pluralism
Published Nov 20, 2017
New Hopkins initiative examines how diverse groups, ideologies coexist in communities
Expert: 'Unimaginable' impact from EPA cuts
Published Nov 20, 2017
School of Public Health's Tom Burke served as EPA science adviser, deputy assistant administrator
Barbara Mikulski joins faculty
Published Nov 20, 2017
Five-term U.S. senator who spent four decades in Congress named professor of public policy, presidential adviser
Election 2016
How the polls got it wrong
Published Nov 20, 2017
A conversation with Clifford Young, a professorial lecturer at SAIS who helps oversee polling at global market research firm Ipsos