Archived articles


Pushing against the rep
Published Spring 2016
Violinist Courtney Orlando didn't want to master the standard repertoire; she's forged a big career anyway / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A gathering of the new
Published Winter 2015
Young composers, performers, writers, and music fans will descend on Peabody Institute's Mount Vernon campus in January / Johns Hopkins Magazine
What I've Learned: Roger Brunyate
Published Aug 4, 2015
Peabody's accomplished opera director recalls his career as a 'perpetual amateur'
Working out the new
Published Spring 2015
Sit in on a SONAR Ensemble rehearsal / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A rediscovered ode
Published Winter 2014
At the end, when the audience cheered, it was the culmination of a two-year project—the rediscovery of a long-forgotten piece of music by a once-renowned American composer. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Tales of Hoffman
Published Summer 2014
Composer Larry Hoffman brings the blues to the classical stage. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Putting gifts to good use
Published Spring 2014
With each object donated to Johns Hopkins, there's a story that comes with it. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Dreams of the fallen
Published Winter 2013 Video
Jake Runestad's new composition skips the bugles and tells an intimate story of life in the military. / Johns Hopkins Magazine