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Performing arts
History of psychotherapy takes center stage
Published Jan 23, 2024
Psychologist Kay Redfield Jamison, composer Michael Hersch, and soprano Ah Young Hong team up for a powerful musical exploration of mental illness and healing
A pipe dream come true
Published Jan 23, 2024
Peabody teaching associate Jordan Prescott shares his love for pipe organs with Johns Hopkins students during a winter-break course
Cutting through the distortion on musician hearing health
Published Oct 30, 2023
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Kris Chesky talks about the musician-specific earplug industry, and what might be done to improve how musicians and their teachers prevent noise-induced hearing loss
Sounds of the '60s
Published Winter 2021
Peabody alum Jacob Yoffee co-composes the score for the new Wonder Years reboot / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Sounds of the '60s
Published Dec 10, 2021
Peabody alum Jacob Yoffee co-composes the score for the new Wonder Years reboot
Performing Arts
Equity in opera
Published Fall 2021
IN Series opera company, led by a Peabody alum, launches the Cardwell Dawson Residency Program for singers of color / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Three with Peabody ties receive Grammy nominations
Published Nov 22, 2019
Guest faculty members Chris Cerrone and Harold Meltzer are nominated, as is music by alum Jake Runestad
Pushing against the rep
Published Spring 2016
Violinist Courtney Orlando didn't want to master the standard repertoire; she's forged a big career anyway / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A gathering of the new
Published Winter 2015
Young composers, performers, writers, and music fans will descend on Peabody Institute's Mount Vernon campus in January / Johns Hopkins Magazine
What I've Learned: Roger Brunyate
Published Aug 4, 2015
Peabody's accomplished opera director recalls his career as a 'perpetual amateur'