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outer space

Planetary science
Atmospheric mixology
Published April 19, 2018
Planetary scientist Sarah Hörst creates the first lab-grown simulations of the atmospheric chemistries of distant exoplanets
Space exploration
What makes a planet a planet?
Published April 19, 2018
Astrophysicist proposes an upper size limit on what should be considered planets
'Walter just knows stuff'
Published Winter 2017
Oscar-winning film editor and sound designer Walter Murch likes to dive into obscure subjects—including some discounted 18th-century astrophysics that, he thinks, deserves another look / Johns Hopkins Magazine
E.T., stone home
Science rocks
Published April 19, 2018
JHU researcher enlists citizen scientists to track down rocks harboring earthly 'extraterrestrials'
The search for water on Mars
Published April 19, 2018
Lecture explores lingering questions relating to the presence of liquid water on the Red Planet
Cassini plummets into Saturn's atmosphere
Published April 19, 2018 Video
Spacecraft, with instrument designed and built in part at Applied Physics Lab, revolutionized our understanding of ringed planet
Space exploration
Space@Hopkins awards seed grants
Published April 19, 2018
Group that supports civilian space research from across JHU funds four interdisciplinary research projects
Space exploration
Dragonfly effect
Published April 19, 2018
APL proposal would use drone technology to explore possibility of life on Saturn's largest moon, Titan
Mission to the Sun
Cool power
Published April 19, 2018
As the APL-built solar probe heads toward its historic encounter with the sun, revolutionary technologies will power and cool the craft
Status update?
Make Pluto a planet again
Published April 19, 2018
Planetary scientist offers a geophysical definition of planets—which would expand the number in our solar system from eight to about 110