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Democracy Day
'All of us have a role to play'
Published Aug 28, 2023
At JHU's annual Democracy Day, new students learn about the importance of—and threats to—modern democracies
New students get a democracy crash course
Published Sept 1, 2021
Participants in inaugural Democracy Day learn about the role of a university in a democratic society and the value of free inquiry, civic engagement
JHU23 and 'Cheeeese!'
Published Aug 29, 2019
JHU's undergraduate Class of 2023 gathers on Keyser Quad to pose for its class portrait
Target run and done?
Published Aug 26, 2019
More than 200 new students take part in a late-night Target run to pick up last-minute school supplies and dorm decor
A fresh start for new students
Published Aug 26, 2019
New student orientation kicked off this weekend with events for students and their families
Hopkins welcomes new Jays
Published Aug 23, 2019
The undergraduate Class of 2023 arrives and settles in at the Homewood campus ahead of weekend Orientation activities
Climbing out of their comfort zones
Published Aug 21, 2019
More than 200 first-year students at Johns Hopkins forge new connections and embark on outdoor adventures during Pre-Orientation excursions
Convocation 2018
'Speak courageously, listen intently'
Published Aug 30, 2018
President Daniels and other university and student leaders formally welcome the Class of 2022 and other Hopkins newcomers to the JHU student body
Common read
An activist's history
Published Aug 29, 2018
First-year students read, discuss Jo Ann Gibson Robinson's memoir 'The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Women Who Started It'
Orientation 2018
Baltimore 101
Published Aug 29, 2018
New students get whirlwind introduction to their new home city on Baltimore Day