Class of 2023 arranged to spell JHU23

Credit: Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University

JHU23 and 'Cheeeese!'

The Johns Hopkins University undergraduate Class of 2023 gathers on Keyser Quad to pose for its class portrait

As events with 1,300-plus participants go, Wednesday afternoon's annual class picture for first-year students proved to be a model of efficiency.

In a matter of just a few minutes, a group of a couple dozen students swelled to a well-organized crowd of hundreds, all neatly arranged and ready for their big moment. When assembling a group this size, it seems it helps to have a megaphone.

Class of 2023 arranged to spell JHU23
Up close with the Class of 2023

View and zoom in on this hi-res version of the class picture

"Forever!" the group's organizer shouted.

"A Blue Jay!" Johns Hopkins University's newest students responded. A short-lived smattering of raindrops certainly had not dampened their enthusiasm.

The orange tape that outlined the formation was soon whisked away and a final instruction given—"Hands by your side!" Most obliged, and then JHU23 turned its gaze slightly skyward, to the Gilman Hall clock tower.

"Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!" They held their smiles for a few extra beats, just to make sure the photographer got the shot. He did, and took a few more for good measure.

And then they were off, dispersing nearly as quickly as they had arrived, a final Orientation milestone behind them and their entire Hopkins careers ahead.

The annual class picture is sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association