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new horizons

Status update?
Make Pluto a planet again
Published Oct 18, 2017
Planetary scientist offers a geophysical definition of planets—which would expand the number in our solar system from eight to about 110
Space oddities
Published Winter 2016
Data from New Horizons reveals Pluto and Charon are anything but dead balls of rock / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Space exploration
New stamps commemorate APL space missions
Published Oct 18, 2017
'New Horizons' and MESSENGER missions celebrated in new postage sets
Does Planet Nine exist?
Published Oct 18, 2017
JHU planetary scientist Hal Weaver discusses new evidence suggesting a giant Planet Nine lurks beyond Pluto
New Horizons
Voyage of a lifetime
Published Oct 18, 2017 Video
10 years ago, 'New Horizons' lifted off on its historic mission to Pluto and beyond
In memoriam
'Master of trajectory design'
Published Oct 18, 2017 Video
Robert Farquhar, a 50-year veteran of deep space missions, worked at APL for 16 years
Nothing but blue skies
Blue haze, red ice on Pluto
Published Oct 18, 2017
Color photographs from 'New Horizons' yield clues to composition of planet's atmosphere
Surface shots
Pluto: It's complicated
Published Oct 18, 2017 Photos
Latest images from New Horizons spacecraft reveal distant planet's varied, complex surface
Moment of truth
New Horizons' epic voyage to Pluto
Published Fall 2015
Getting New Horizons to Pluto was a triumph. Now, after nearly 10 years and 3 billion miles, the spacecraft had to work. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Farewell Pluto
Stunning parting shot
Published Oct 18, 2017 Video
New images, data from New Horizons show layers of atmospheric haze, evidence of exotic flowing ice