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Night flight
Camouflage, with a twist
Published May 27, 2017
Luna moth's long, twisted tail could confuse predators that hunt using echolocation
Brain science
'Physics engine' found
Published May 27, 2017 Video
Researchers identify brain region that helps us predict how the world around us will behave
Brain science
Free will in the brain
Published May 27, 2017 Video
JHU researchers glimpse the human brain making a purely voluntary decision to act
Faculty honors
Huganir to lead Society for Neuroscience
Published May 27, 2017
JHU researcher elected president of world's largest organization of scientists, physicians who focus on brain, nervous system
Driven to binge
Published May 27, 2017
Researchers locate what could be brain's trigger for binge behavior
Neuroscience of fun
Lighten up, it's good for you
Published Summer 2016
Scientists explain the tricky, vague, and elusive neuroscience of fun / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Zika virus
'Mini-brains' help show how Zika affects fetal cortex
Published May 27, 2017
Researchers confirm key process by which virus causes microcephaly, other damage in fetal brains
Research award
Sol Snyder honored
Published May 27, 2017
Pioneering neuroscientist receives Salk Institute's Medal for Research Excellence
Finding her happy
Published May 27, 2017
For neuroscientist and author Wendy Suzuki, learning how exercise affects the brain has been a life-changing experience
Why you can't stop checking your phone
Published Spring 2016
Neuroscientists are probing the brain to figure out what happens when we lose focus / Johns Hopkins Magazine