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Brain Week
Building brain connections
Published March 21, 2018
Baltimore students learn about how the brain works, with the help of Johns Hopkins neuroscientists
An itch you can't scratch
Published March 21, 2018
Discovery of itch receptors in throats of mice could eventually yield better asthma treatments
Who was Wilder Penfield and why is he a Google doodle?
Published March 21, 2018
Before he revolutionized the field of neurosurgery, Penfield was a student at Hopkins Medicine
A better look at brain behavior
Published March 21, 2018 Video
Electroencephalography cap helps scientists understand what we pay attention to—and what we ignore
Why we can't always stop what we've started
Published March 21, 2018
It takes a lightning-fast interaction among several areas in the brain to stop, reverse, or otherwise change a plan already in progress, neuroscientists find
Lab Tech
Magnified in 3-D
Published Winter 2017 Video
New three-dimensional microscope allows researchers unprecedented views of organs, tissue, and even live specimens / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Work Hard/Play Smart
Brain chemistry lesson
Published March 21, 2018
Student drug, alcohol abuse awareness campaign begins with talk by Hopkins neuroscientist Linda Gorman
Mental Health
Genetically altered mice display traits of bipolar disorder
Published March 21, 2018
Study may improve understanding of how genes linked to bipolar risk change neural circuits in the brain / Hopkins Medicine
Science of Learning
Six proposals get seed funding
Published March 21, 2018
Science of Learning Institute supports cross-disciplinary projects that aim to further our understanding of how humans learn
Scratch, scratch, ow!
Published Fall 2017
A team of Hopkins postdocs have found that some neurons carry signals for both itch and pain / Johns Hopkins Magazine