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Owl study offers clues to human attention
Published Oct 30, 2018 Video
Owls help JHU scientists unlock the secret of how the brain pays attention
Brain science
Food thought findings
Published Oct 19, 2018
Study reveals regions of the brain that contributes to decisions about what and how much to eat when several good food options are available
Does the brain work like a swarm of robots?
Published Oct 2, 2018
What does the brain have in common with a swarm of robots? Could be more than you think.
Brain science
Think tank
Published Summer 2018
Scientists write about what they'd most like the public to understand about the human brain / Johns Hopkins Magazine
From bench to bedside and back
Published Summer 2018
Neuroscientist Richard Huganir studies a genetic mutation that contributes to intellectual disability / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Neuroscientist Richard Huganir named BDP
Published May 21, 2018
A Hopkins faculty member since 1988, his research has provided groundbreaking insights into how the brain works
Brain science
An audience might make you perform better
Published April 20, 2018
Performing a task in front of an audience triggers parts of the brain associated with social cognition, reward, and motor skills, study finds
Bat signals
Brain science, unleashed
Published April 10, 2018 Video
Wireless devices record brain activity of bats, helping researchers better understand what happens in the brain as we move through the world
Brain Week
Building brain connections
Published March 20, 2018
Baltimore students learn about how the brain works, with the help of Johns Hopkins neuroscientists
An itch you can't scratch
Published March 9, 2018
Discovery of itch receptors in throats of mice could eventually yield better asthma treatments