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Animal cognition
'Surprisingly strategic' mice think like babies
Published April 26, 2024
Findings by Johns Hopkins neuroscientists deepen our understanding of animal cognition
Biomedical engineering
Navigational technology aids brain surgery visualization
Published Aug 31, 2023
Researchers demonstrate promise of 'augmented endoscopy,' a real-time neurosurgical guidance method that uses advanced computer vision
The artful mind
Published Summer 2023
In their new book, authors Susan Magsamen, founder and director of the International Arts + Mind Lab, and Ivy Ross contend that making and experiencing art can help us flourish / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Machine learning helps scientists see synapse changes
Published June 7, 2023
Visualizing connections in the brain could yield insights into how our brains change with learning, aging, injury, and disease
In Memoriam
Donald Price, a pioneer in clinical and experimental neuropathology, dies at 87
Published May 31, 2023
Price, the founding director of the Division of Neuropathology at Johns Hopkins Medicine is remembered for his mentorship and influential research
New study reveals set of brain regions that control complex sequences of movement
Published May 13, 2023
A new study in mice highlights areas of their brains that control complex movements. The findings could be used to target those regions in humans and restore motor function caused by injury or illness
Why do chilies hurt so good?
Published Spring 2023
What happens to your body when you eat a hot chili? And why do some of us love the pain? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The healing powers of a brain on art
Published March 27, 2023
In new book, authors Susan Magsamen and Ivy Ross contend that making and experiencing art can help us flourish
Can you fight cancer with mere thought?
Published March 20, 2023
Hopkins neuroscientist David Linden reflects on what might be causing the delayed progress of his cancer in 'New York Times' essay
K-12 education
Alumna Berol Dewdney is Maryland's teacher of the year
Published Feb 16, 2023
'Neuroscience totally transformed my teaching practice,' says Dewdney, an alum of the Johns Hopkins School of Education