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Science of Learning
Six proposals get seed funding
Published Sept 24, 2017
Science of Learning Institute supports cross-disciplinary projects that aim to further our understanding of how humans learn
Scratch, scratch, ow!
Published Fall 2017
A team of Hopkins postdocs have found that some neurons carry signals for both itch and pain / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Mapping the brain, neuron by neuron
Published Sept 24, 2017
A mathematician and a computer scientist join interdisciplinary effort to create a complete map of a portion of a fruit fly larva brain
A new dimension of research
Published Sept 24, 2017 Video
3-D microscope gives researchers unprecedented views of organs, tissue, live specimens
'Memory protein' linked to cognitive decline
Published Sept 24, 2017
Low levels of NPTX2 appear to play key role in learning and memory loss that are hallmarks of Alzheimer's / Hopkins Medicine
Visual thinking
Memorable moves
Published Sept 24, 2017 Video
The way an object moves affects how well you remember it, Hopkins researchers find
Sleep Science
Snooze or lose memories
Published Sept 24, 2017
Lack of rest inhibits brain's ability to form new memories, study reaffirms / Hopkins Medicine
The brain's 'black box'
Published Sept 24, 2017
Study identifies protein that maintains, protects adult neurons responsible for learning, memory
The Hopkins brain trust
Published Sept 24, 2017
Interdisciplinary team aims to develop digital repository of brain data accessible to researchers worldwide
Mental health
A faster antidepressant?
Published Sept 24, 2017
Neuroscientists may have zeroed in on a compound that works like ketamine, but is safer and non-addictive / Johns Hopkins Health Review