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Planetary science
From comets come planets
Published Nov 19, 2017
Planetary scientist at the Applied Physics Lab finds evidence of planetary formation in other solar systems
Cassini plummets into Saturn's atmosphere
Published Nov 19, 2017 Video
Spacecraft, with instrument designed and built in part at Applied Physics Lab, revolutionized our understanding of ringed planet
Polar energy
Jupiter auroras present powerful mystery
Published Nov 19, 2017
APL-built instrument aboard NASA's Juno spacecraft observes significant particle energy that behaves in surprising ways
Pack the sunblock
Published Fall 2017
The Parker Solar Probe, a mission first proposed in 1958, will use Whiting School heat shield and APL mission control to unlock the mysteries of the sun / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Space exploration
Dragonfly effect
Published Nov 19, 2017
APL proposal would use drone technology to explore possibility of life on Saturn's largest moon, Titan
Summer Gigs
Out of this world
Published Nov 19, 2017
As an intern at NASA, Sophia Porter learns that achievements are worldwide triumphs and every contribution matters
Planetary defense
NASA plans asteroid deflection test
Published Nov 19, 2017 Video
JHU's Applied Physics Lab will manage test of technique designed to prevent Earth impact
Mission to the Sun
Cool power
Published Nov 19, 2017
As the APL-built solar probe heads toward its historic encounter with the sun, revolutionary technologies will power and cool the craft
Returns of the JEDI
Scientists marvel at Juno mission images
Published Nov 19, 2017
Spacecraft's flight to Jupiter, with APL-built instrument on board, is mission of 'pure discovery'
Astronaut Kate Rubins to visit JHU
Published Nov 19, 2017
First person to ever sequence DNA in space visits Hopkins for a talk about her experiments, experiences aboard the International Space Station