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molecular biology

Researchers retrace COVID-19's introduction, impact in D.C. region
Published Aug 18, 2020
Study suggests multiple entries of the virus into the region but similar clinical presentation, an indication that there are not multiple strains of the virus causing disease of varying severity
In memoriam
Biochemistry expert P.C. Huang dies at 89
Published Aug 11, 2020
He spent 55 years on the faculty at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, co-edited the field-defining book 'Genetic Issues in Public Health and Medicine'
Scientists discover fundamental mechanism for RNA regulation
Published Feb 4, 2020
The process removes tangled strands of RNA from cells, a discovery that could help researchers understand how certain degenerative and communicable diseases develop
Tiny disease trackers could allow doctors to diagnose and treat diseases more effectively
Published Winter 2019
Extracellular vesicles, clumps of cellular material that break away from cells, contain valuable biological information that could help researchers diagnose disease and target treatments / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Optimizing a cutting-edge technology
Published Dec 1, 2017
What's the best way to edit genes with CRISPR? Scientists propose 'rules' to improve consistency, efficiency
Interdisciplinary scholar
Ribosome expert named BDP
Published April 17, 2017
Johns Hopkins biologist and geneticist has been researching the cellular structure for nearly three decades
Cell biology
Hopkins biologist elected to American Philosophical Society
Published June 30, 2016
Allan Spradling's work with fruit flies led to game-changing new concepts in use of stem cells
Frontier award
Biologist Scott Bailey wins $250K research honor
Published Feb 1, 2016 Video
Bloomberg School scientist explores how bacteria's immune systems ward off threat posed by harmful viruses
Biologist gets Pew grant
Published June 16, 2015
Christian Kaiser among early career researchers honored by Pew Charitable Trusts
Two named Pew scholars
Published June 25, 2014
Biologists Johnston, Holland recognized for their health sciences research