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Militarization of police

Veering toward a civilian-military crisis
Published June 30, 2020
SAIS panelists weigh in on strained civilian-military relations and the risk that domestic politics may damage the perception that U.S. Armed Forces are apolitical
Using force to end protests may spark further violence
Published June 4, 2020
In 'Washington Post' op-ed, Stuart Schrader, an expert in racial inequality in the criminal justice system, decries viewing protests 'through the lens of war' / The Washington Post
MSE Symposium
Becoming 'unerased'
Published Oct 21, 2016
Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson discusses police brutality, the power of social media, and the changing face of activism
Law enforcement
Broken trust
Published Oct 18, 2016
Reducing crime doesn't give public more faith in police, Yale law school expert says
American Injustice
Published Fall 2015
A journalist delves into post-Katrina police violence / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Serve and protect?
Published Spring 2015 Photos
U.S. police departments have armed themselves like combat troops / Johns Hopkins Magazine