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Published Fall 2020
Alex Mullen, Engr '14, is an expert rememberer who has set many world records in recent years / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Another reason to meditate
Published Winter 2019
A School of Medicine study links stressful events with memory loss among aging Americans / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Persistence of vision
Published Spring 2018
Alum Tim Kreider, an essayist and cartoonist, explores the dissonance between perception and memory / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Sleep, perchance to remember
Published Spring 2017
What happens during sleep that helps us remember what we learned when awake? Johns Hopkins neuroscientists believe they have a partial answer. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Visual thinking
Memorable moves
Published March 6, 2017 Video
The way an object moves affects how well you remember it, Hopkins researchers find
The brain's 'black box'
Published Jan 19, 2017
Study identifies protein that maintains, protects adult neurons responsible for learning, memory
Instant replay
How the brain remembers where to go
Published Aug 25, 2016
Study using rats shows that brains use backward replays to recall routes that end in rewards / Hopkins Medicine
Cognitive science
Knowing vs. remembering
Published June 22, 2016 Video
How an artist, former pilot with amnesia defies conventional wisdom about memory
Finding her happy
Published April 11, 2016
For neuroscientist and author Wendy Suzuki, learning how exercise affects the brain has been a life-changing experience
Cognitive Psychology
That color? You're sure?
Published Fall 2015
Remembering an exact shade of a color is tough. A new study tells us why. / Johns Hopkins Magazine