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In memoriam
Corbin Gwaltney, founding editor of 'Johns Hopkins Magazine,' dies at 97
Published July 31, 2019
1943 Hopkins graduate was a pioneering editor who redefined the university magazine in the 1950s, later founded 'The Chronicle of Higher Education'
In memoriam
Psychometrics expert Bert Green dies at 91
Published July 25, 2019
He spent nearly three decades at Hopkins, where his research focused on developing adaptive, computer-based tests for measuring mental capacity
In Memoriam
Physicist Richard Zdanis, former JHU vice provost, dies at 83
Published May 9, 2019
He received his PhD in physics from Hopkins in 1960 and spent nearly three decades at the university
In memoriam
Three humanities pioneers with ties to Hopkins remembered
Published April 23, 2019
Michel Jeanneret, Jean Starobinski, and Marcel Detienne each left a deep imprint on his field through his teaching and scholarship
In memoriam
Renowned pharmacologist Paul Talalay dies at 95
Published March 14, 2019
Considered the father of the field of 'chemoprotection,' his studies revealed the cancer-preventing properties of broccoli sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables
In memoriam
A tribute to Russell Baker
Published Jan 30, 2019
Writer Neil A. Grauer reflects on his friendship with fellow Hopkins alum Russell Baker, the celebrated journalist who died Jan. 21 at 93
In memoriam
Radiation oncology pioneer dies at 77
Published Aug 21, 2018
During 40 years at Hopkins, Moody Wharam created refined treatments for pediatric cancers that improved survival rates and in some cases remain the standard of care today