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In memoriam
School counseling expert Vivian Lee dies at 62
Published May 22, 2020
School of Education associate professor remembered by students, colleagues as a guiding force for international social justice
In memoriam
History Professor Robert Forster dies at 93
Published May 15, 2020
Renowned for his work on the history of early modern France, he served as a professor of history at Johns Hopkins from 1966 to 1996, when he was named professor emeritus
In memoriam
Reproductive health expert Laurie Schwab Zabin dies at 94
Published May 14, 2020
Zabin was an internationally recognized expert on adolescent pregnancy, abortion, and sexual behavior who helped transform public attitudes toward contraceptive access for adolescents
In memoriam
Research associate S. Wojciech Sokolowski dies at 67
Published May 8, 2020
He worked with the Center for Civil Society Studies at the Krieger School since 1992 and contributed to projects focused on the comparative research of social institutions and organizations
In Memoriam
Biologist and computer scientist James Taylor dies at 40
Published April 3, 2020
Trailblazer in computational biology and genomics research remembered for his 'transformational' and 'immeasurable' contributions
In memoriam
Continuing her life's work
Published Fall 2019
The Nadia D. Morgan Memorial Fund honors a clinician and colleague who is remembered for inspiring others with her enthusiasm and commitment to health care / Johns Hopkins Magazine
In memoriam
Corbin Gwaltney, founding editor of 'Johns Hopkins Magazine,' dies at 97
Published July 31, 2019
1943 Hopkins graduate was a pioneering editor who redefined the university magazine in the 1950s, later founded 'The Chronicle of Higher Education'