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In memoriam
Sociologist Melvin Kohn dies at 92
Published March 25, 2021
A pioneer of the study of social structure and personality, Kohn spent 27 years teaching at the Krieger School
In memoriam
Mathematician J. Michael Boardman dies at 83
Published March 19, 2021
He taught at Johns Hopkins for 40 years before being named professor emeritus in 2010
J. Hillis Miller, noted literary critic and theorist, dies at 92
Published Feb 23, 2021
Longtime KSAS English professor made deconstruction more widely accessible
In memoriam
Professor emeritus Mack Walker dies at 91
Published Feb 16, 2021
An esteemed scholar of German intellectual history, he taught in the Department of History at Johns Hopkins for 25 years
Professor emeritus Paul R. Olson dies at 95
Published Jan 29, 2021
He was a scholar of Spanish and Portuguese literature and spent 30 years teaching at Johns Hopkins University
In memoriam
Pioneering immunologist Nilabh Shastri dies at 68
Published Jan 27, 2021
Shastri, who explored how the human immune system recognizes rapidly changing foreign elements, joined Johns Hopkins as a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor in 2018
Peter Privalov, father of the field of biological microcalorimetry, dies at 88
Published Dec 23, 2020
The research professor, who joined Johns Hopkins in 1991, laid the theoretical groundwork and developed the technology for measuring the heat released during protein folding within a cell
In memoriam
Junior remembered for leadership, service, infectious enthusiasm
Published Dec 15, 2020
Bradlee LaMontagne, a biology major and captain of the Blue Jays wrestling team, died in a boating accident on Dec. 10
In memoriam
Richard Johns, founding director of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, dies at 95
Published Dec 5, 2020
Johns oversaw the department's development into an internationally recognized leader in biomedical engineering