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Cutting through the distortion on musician hearing health
Published Oct 30, 2023
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Kris Chesky talks about the musician-specific earplug industry, and what might be done to improve how musicians and their teachers prevent noise-induced hearing loss
Health disparities
Hidden in plain sight
Published Fall 2020
An ambitious project developed in partnership with Johns Hopkins aims to identify unique health challenges of Black men / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Friends for Life
Published Spring 2020
A chance meeting at a dean's reception led to a longtime personal and professional partnership / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The human side of illness
Published Summer 2019
New app encourages medical professionals to look at fine art and examine questions of empathy and observation / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Students launch new speaker series
Published March 6, 2018
Osler Medical Symposium, which focuses on topics in health and medicine, debuts with four spring semester events
Devotion becomes opportunity
Published Spring 2016
Edward C. Held, M.D., Scholarship Fund established with gift from longtime friend of late Hopkins-educated doctor / Johns Hopkins Magazine
On and off the court
Published Spring 2015
Simeon Margolis and John Boitnott were classmates at the School of Medicine—but it was their love of basketball that cemented their friendship / Johns Hopkins Magazine
This and that
Major addition
Published Jan 22, 2015
New interdisciplinary major at Krieger School will give undergraduates chance to pursue both natural sciences and humanities
Tough jobs
Published Summer 2014 Photos
Firefighters' disproportionate risk of heart disease and other research findings. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Nice try, guys
Published Spring 2014 Photos
A shot of testosterone to the brain doesn't necessarily help male canaries attract mates. Read our roundup of the latest research findings. / Johns Hopkins Magazine