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Materials science

Researchers will use power of AI to optimize materials for solar energy
Published Nov 5, 2021
SPIRAL Center is one of 10 projects to receive support from Department of Energy initiative focused on the development of low-cost energy technologies
Hopkins chemist aims to develop longer-lasting, sustainable materials
Published Sept 22, 2021
Rebekka Klausen joins Center for the Chemistry of Molecularly Optimized Networks with focus on increasing the lifetime of synthetic rubbers and designing plastics that can decompose upon a chemical trigger
How materials science and engineering enhances the performance of Olympic cyclists
Published July 27, 2021
Each fall, engineer Orla Wilson challenges students to consider how material properties, structure, and processing affect performance in bicycle design
Next-gen materials
Researchers at APL create strong, fast, waterproof adhesive
Published April 23, 2021
The formula features microcapsules filled with additives that make the adhesive's hold faster and stronger
The future of electron microscopy
Published March 2, 2021
Engineer Mitra Taheri and team publish roadmap to harness data science and artificial intelligence for electron microscopy, unlocking tool's full power
Materials science
Students use new technology to identify a piece of JHU history
Published Dec 16, 2019
Students identify metal artifact in Homewood Museum collection as century-old part of building's roof
Copper could unlock clean-energy potential
Published Nov 1, 2019
Scientists at Hopkins, UCLA find that copper particles stabilize the platinum-nickel catalysts that hydrogen fuel cells use to produce clean electricity
Erasmus unredacted
Published Winter 2018
It will take a team of conservators, data scientists, and even an astrophysicist to find out what's written on the Red Cyprian's paint-slathered pages / Johns Hopkins Magazine
In memoriam
Longtime WSE faculty member dies at 85
Published Nov 28, 2017
Robert Green helped found Department of Materials Science, spent more than 50 years at JHU
Materials science
Arts, to the extreme
Published Sept 21, 2017
HEMI/MICA Extreme Arts program brings faculty, students together to translate research on extreme events in new and creative ways