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materials science

Design Day
Student engineers perfect their pitches
Published May 22, 2017 Video
In annual year-end Design Day showcase, students present their research, projects, and prototypes
Going to extremes
Published May 22, 2017
MICA photographer Jay Gould creates arts based on his HEMI artist-in-residence experience
Faculty honors
Materials scientist named Sloan Fellow
Published May 22, 2017
Rebekka Klausen receives early-career award for her work with silicon in creating next-generation technology
Crystal lab
Materials science project
Published May 22, 2017
JHU will grow crystals as part of national bid to develop better materials for technology
Chocolate lab
Published May 22, 2017 Video
Students study chocolate up close—for science, of course
Material world
Quest for better metal
Published May 22, 2017
Materials scientist aims to create super-strong, durable metallic glass
Material manipulation
Published May 22, 2017
Project led by JHU chemist Kit Bowen receives $7.5M grant from DOD
Early career honor
Published May 22, 2017
Materials science specialist Rebekka Klausen among 44 grant recipients under U.S. Department of Energy's Early Career Research Program
Chien wins IUPAP Magnetism Award and Néel Medal
Published May 22, 2017
Professor recognized for discoveries in magnetic materials, nanostructures
Putting a sting on cancer
Published May 22, 2017
Johns Hopkins grad student hopes to engineer toxin in honeybee venom to destroy tumors / JHU Engineering magazine