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Curiosity Rover
Scientists teach an old rover new tricks
Published Jan 31, 2019
Scientists use the rover to collect the first surface gravity measurements on a planet other than Earth
IDing Mars' dust
Published Winter 2018
Planetary scientists believe they've identified the origin of the powdery dust on Mars: a formation that could be the largest known volcanic deposit in the solar system / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Seeing red
APL to build 'glasses' for Mars moon mission
Published Nov 17, 2017
2024 launch planned for mission being developed by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
The search for water on Mars
Published Nov 2, 2017
Lecture explores lingering questions relating to the presence of liquid water on the Red Planet
Surface scan
A closer look at Mars
Published Aug 1, 2016
Gullies on Mars likely not formed by liquid water, scientists conclude
Water on Mars
Instrumental observation
Published Sept 28, 2015 Video
Data from APL-built spectrometer show signatures of hydrated salts on present-day Mars