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Buyer beware
Credible edibles?
Published Oct 20, 2017
Mislabeled medical marijuana edibles put buyers at risk for unintentional overdose (or underdose) / Hopkins Medicine
Joint research
Secondhand high study
Published Oct 20, 2017
Concentrated exposure to marijuana smoke can cause range of detectable effects for nonsmokers, researchers find / Hopkins Medicine
Pot policy advice
Published Oct 20, 2017
JHU researchers suggest strategies to keep legal marijuana out of hands of kids / School of Public Health
Joint research
Alternative medicine?
Published Oct 20, 2017
Prescription drug overdose deaths lower in states with legal medical marijuana, study shows
Ask an Expert
Legalize it?
Published March-April 2014
Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit's Ryan Vandrey on legalization of marijuana / Gazette