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Public health
Buzzworthy emoji idea
Published Sept 19, 2017
Mosquito symbol for social media would make it easier for health professionals to communicate about risks, research
Global Health
Netting a sustainable business model
Published Sept 19, 2017
After successful bed net campaigns in Ghana, researchers aim to create a thriving, sustainable commercial market
Video highlights institute's vital work
Published Sept 19, 2017 Video
A vaccine is urgently needed to prevent malaria, which affects hundreds of millions around the world every year
Infectious disease
Malaria Research Institute gets $10M grant
Published Sept 19, 2017
Funding will enable continuation of malaria control, elimination research in Zambia, Zimbabwe, DRC, South Africa
Bug off
A matter of taste
Published Sept 19, 2017
Changing 'flavor' of humans could help repel mosquitoes, fight malaria, scientists say / Hopkins Medicine
Micro management
Bacteria vs. malaria
Published Sept 19, 2017
Infecting mosquitoes with specific bacteria strain could help stop spread of disease / NPR
Diagnosing fever by a thread
Published Sept 19, 2017
Graduate students develop simple test to easily, accurately diagnose the underlying cause of fever, a common symptom of malaria, bacterial pneumonia and other infections
Discovering new channels
Published Sept 19, 2017 Video
For Nobel Prize winner Peter Agre, persistent curiosity led to key molecular discovery