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In memoriam
John Barth, prolific author and revered mentor, dies at 93
Published April 2, 2024
Barth, a JHU graduate who later taught at his alma mater for more than two decades, was known for his postmodernist, unpredictable fiction and his exacting, generous teaching
Unlocking 'Ulysses'
Published Spring 2022
Learning to love James Joyce's 100-year-old masterpiece that most of us never begin, let alone finish / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Pop culture
Triple layer literature
Published Fall 2020
Alum M.M. Carrigan's Taco Bell–themed literary magazine embraces nostalgia, sincerity, and Crunchwrap culture / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Lines of history
Published Fall 2020
Alum Hollis Robbins' 'Forms of Contention' investigates the history of African American poetry in printed newspaper and magazines / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Less traveled by
Published Fall 2020
Andrew Miller's 'On Not Being Someone Else' explores the existential questions that arise when reflecting on the choices we could have made—and how our lives might have changed / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A devastating debut novel
Published Fall 2020
Alum Megha Majumdar's debut novel tackles social status and Hindu nationalism in Kolkota / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Prose of war
Published Spring 2020
Michael O'Donnell didn't return home from the Vietnam War. His poetry did. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Libraries acquire rare copy of seminal 19th-century essay
Published Dec 5, 2019
'A Problem in Greek Ethics' by poet John Addington Symonds helped set the stage for the modern gay-rights movement
The 'literary high explosives' of Ellen La Motte's 'Backwash of War'
Published Summer 2019
The Hopkins alumna, overlooked in the Western canon, may have inspired generations of writers who followed her, including Hemingway, Remarque, Vonnegut, and Heller / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Two centuries of Frankenstein
Published Oct 29, 2018
Experts from Johns Hopkins discuss the issues raised by Mary Shelley's groundbreaking novel