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Johns hopkins history

Hard histories
Students discover stories of girls who lived at former Hopkins orphanage
Published April 5, 2023
The course is part of the ongoing Hard Histories at Hopkins project, which examines the role that racism and discrimination have played at the institution
College football
A deep south tradition, born in Baltimore
Published Oct 2, 2020
On Oct. 3, the Georgia and Auburn football programs will renew their historic rivalry, which effectively gave rise to big-time college sports below the Mason-Dixon Line. Two Johns Hopkins alums made it all happen.
Hopkins history
The experiment that proved airborne disease transmission
Published July 22, 2020
Richard Riley's tuberculosis experiments in the 1950s transformed our understanding of how infectious pathogens—now including the coronavirus—move through the air
No two alike
Published Winter 2019
For decades, Wilson Alwyn Bentley took detailed photographs of snow crystals, effectively pioneering photomicrography. Today, his iconic images are a ubiquitous aspect of winter—thanks in part to a Johns Hopkins–trained physicist. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Hopkins celebrates 75 years since historic 'blue baby' operation
Published Nov 26, 2019
The transformative medical milestone was first performed at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1944 and ushered in a new era of cardiac surgery
The Precursors Study
Charting a lifetime
Published March 25, 2019
For more than 70 years, a group of Hopkins Medicine School graduates have filled out an annual medical survey, contributing to one of the world's oldest longitudinal studies
Mr. Science Television and the Hopkins show ahead of its time
Published Spring 2019
'The Johns Hopkins Science Review' aired from 1948 until 1955, beaming science and health research into living rooms around the country / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Hopkins History
Exhibition traces 125 years of medical milestones
Published Dec 17, 2018
Exhibition created to highlight the celebrated history of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine is on display in MSE Library through March 18
Armistice Centennial
An activist abroad for the Armistice
Published Nov 8, 2018
In letters, Elisabeth Gilman, the youngest daughter of the university's founding president, described the scene in Paris when the Great War officially ended
School of Nursing celebrates 130 years
Published Oct 8, 2018 Video
Established as a training school in 1889, the School of Nursing has grown to become the No. 1 graduate nursing school in the U.S.