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John astin

On stage
'Top' performance
Published Dec 11, 2012
Undergraduate cast brings fast-moving, whip-smart 'Top Girls' to life at John Astin Theatre
Celebrating the unusual
Published Oct 29, 2012 Video
Professor John Astin, who famously starred in The Addams Family, featured as ABC's Person of the Week / ABC News
Ancient Sanskrit theater group to perform at JHU
Published Aug 30, 2012
Senior organized Kudiyattam show as part of undergraduate research project
John Astin's next act
Published Summer 2012
In a career that has included Broadway, film, and television, John Astin, A&S '52, has also been successful in his most recent role—bringing spotlights back to his alma mater. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Astins house
Published Spring 2012
Nearly 60 years after John Astin graduated from Johns Hopkins, the university has renamed its stage afer him. / Johns Hopkins Magazine