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International studies

Ukraine's resilience, Russia's miscalculation
Published March 2, 2022
Johns Hopkins experts on foreign policy and geopolitics convene for panel discussion of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the international response
International politics
A week after Myanmar coup, tensions still rising
Published Feb 8, 2021
SAIS Distinguished Practitioner-in-Residence Vikram Nehru discusses what brought the country to this point and where it goes from here
Foreign language
Fellowship fosters cross-divisional exchange
Published May 9, 2019
Graduating senior Eli Levine, who studied Persian at SAIS, was among the first students to participate in the Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship
Summer Gigs
Wearing the white hat
Published Aug 29, 2017
Ramya Prabhakar, a rising junior, discovers what it's like to work in a federal prosecutor's office
International studies
The rise of populism in Europe
Published April 21, 2017
Aronson Center conference brings together speakers with unique perspectives as both scholars and practitioners
Foreign policy
Teaching the 'practice of statecraft'
Published Oct 11, 2016
Henry A. Kissinger Center for Global Affairs will serve as focal point for scholarship, public debate on international affairs and policy
Direct matriculation
Going places
Published Oct 6, 2016
New programs in international studies, global health give select students an opportunity to combine undergraduate, graduate studies
The Count
Published Spring 2016
Jeffrey Garten is a financier, academic, and author—and yes, he's married to the Barefoot Contessa / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Satellite scrutiny
Keeping an eye on North Korea
Published Winter 2015
Website 38 North has become a respected source of news on North Korea's closed society / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A different world
Unified Germany, 25 years later
Published Oct 1, 2015
AICGS publishes commentary from scholars, experts on 25th anniversary of Germany's reunification