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Institute for nanobiotechnology

Disease treatment
Check this out: A new approach to creating antibody libraries
Published March 1, 2023
The new approach to antibody libraries could expedite the antibody-creation process and accelerate the discovery of therapeutic antibody candidates and vaccines
Research findings
Researchers shed light on how Lyme disease infects the body
Published Dec 19, 2022
New research findings on how Lyme disease infects the body could better inform treatment options and help prevent severe outcomes of the disease
Molecular detection platform provides new insights into gene medicine manufacturing
Published Sept 23, 2022
Breakthrough medical technology like mRNA vaccines rely on tiny nanoparticles to deliver medicine to cells. A new device will help drug manufacturers and evaluators like the FDA more precisely measure genetic payloads to evaluate drug effectiveness.
Viral treatments
New platform could make gene medicine delivery easier and more affordable
Published Aug 23, 2022
A new platform designed by Hopkins researchers, in partnership with the University of Washington, shows promise in the sped up design of lipid nanoparticles to deliver treatments that prevent viral infections
A step toward the creation of materials controlled by artificial genes
Published Aug 18, 2022
A team led by Hopkins engineer Rebecca Schulman has developed a library of genelets that can perform certain cellular functions, laying the groundwork for materials that behave like organisms
Alumni spotlight
Citizen scientists in bloom
Published Aug 8, 2022
Alum Ikbal Choudhury's nonprofit uses low-cost, low-resource tools to teach children about environmental science
Health research
Study reveals kidney cells pump blood
Published May 18, 2022
A new study found that kidney cells pump blood rather than filtering it, aiding in the understanding of kidney physiological function
DNA nanotubes deliver therapeutics to glioblastoma tumors
Published Dec 20, 2021
Nanotechnology offers new route for delivering cancer treatments across the blood brain barrier
Venom makes a beeline through blood brain barrier, delivering medication
Published Dec 3, 2021
Researchers have determined the dose of bee venom that is non-toxic to neurons and can effectively—but reversibly—penetrate the blood brain barrier
Researchers partner with industry to create better gene therapy tools
Published July 15, 2021
A team from the Institute for NanoBioTechnology has streamlined the creation of new viral vectors for delivering gene therapy to patients