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Electron twisters trapped
Published Feb 24, 2015
Scientists figure out how to use nanowires to contain vortices and keep supercurrents flowing freely
Cancer on the move
Published Oct 30, 2014
Device invented by engineers provides unprecedented microscopic view of metastasis
Journey to innovation
Published Jan-Feb 2014
Johns Hopkins student teams tackle engineering challenges in the developing world / Gazette
Major microfluidics award
Published June 5, 2013
JHU postdoctoral fellow recognized for work on bacterial DNA identification / Institute for Nanobiotechnology
Targeting cancer
Published Feb 18, 2013
School of Engineering professor Honggang Cui recognized by NSF for research involving cancer-fighting nanostructures
Collecting cancer data in 'cloud' could lead to more effective treatments
Published Nov 7, 2012
Collaboration between medicine, engineering researchers could help doctors make better predictions about how a patient's illness will progress
Shedding light on tumors
Published Aug 30, 2012
Technique using ultraviolet light may lead to new type of diagnostic imaging technology