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Interdisciplinary scholar
Global health policy expert named 34th BDP
Published July 2, 2018
Jeremy Shiffman, who comes from American University, views health care policy through the lens of political science
AHCA puts children's health at risk
Published May 22, 2017
Public health expert Josh Sharfstein says legislation as drafted breaks 'core guarantee' / Journal of the American Medical Association
The rising costs of prescription drugs
Published April 3, 2017
Health policy expert Gerard Anderson discusses the business of big pharma
Health Policy
Survey: Most doctors oppose Obamacare repeal
Published Jan 26, 2017
Survey finds that 74% support changes to parts of health care law, but just 15% support total repeal / Hopkins Medicine
Health policy
What's a single-payer plan?
Published Oct 11, 2016
SPH experts explain health insurance alternative mentioned during presidential debate
Policy Talk
Experts explore mental health, addiction
Published Oct 22, 2015
School of Public Health event organized in part by new Center for Mental Health and Addiction Policy Research
Painkiller nation?
Published Oct 22, 2015
School of Public Health study finds that most Americans use painkillers but also see abuse as a serious issue / School of Public Health
Health policy
Former congressman Henry Waxman to join JHSPH
Published June 3, 2015
Longtime California legislator named Centennial Policy Scholar, will lead monthly seminar series beginning in July / School of Public Health