Atul Grover

Credit: Courtesy Atul Grover

An advocate for health policy solutions

Atul Grover, BSPH '04 (PhD), leads what he calls a "think—and do—tank"

When the Association of American Medical Colleges launched its Research and Action Institute in 2020, it tapped Atul Grover, BSPH '04 (PhD), to helm what he calls a "think—and do—tank."

The institute works to highlight meaningful and realistic solutions to intractable health policy issues that have been clouded by political propaganda—no matter how unpopular they may be to either side of the aisle, Grover says.

"What I find missing from policy discussions is something I learned at Johns Hopkins," says Grover, a general internist with a health policy and economics background. "And that is to get down to the policy basics in order to determine: What is the problem we're trying to solve?"

Along with studying the national response to COVID-19, Grover is focusing his practical, no-nonsense lens on how to lower individuals' health care costs