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Health disparities

Health disparities
Study: Low-income middle-aged African American women with hypertension are likely to suffer from depression
Published Feb 12, 2021
This population of women should be routinely screened and treated for depression, researchers conclude
Health disparities
Hidden in plain sight
Published Fall 2020
An ambitious project developed in partnership with Johns Hopkins aims to identify unique health challenges of Black men / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Health equity
The silver lining of COVID-19's dark clouds
Published Aug 25, 2020
Johns Hopkins expert in health disparities discusses how the coronavirus pandemic has shed light on the vulnerabilities of communities of color and the need to better protect everyone's health
Lisa Cooper to direct Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute
Published April 21, 2020
Cooper, who has devoted her career to addressing health disparities through her research and practice, shapes new vision for institute with focus on health equity for Baltimore's most vulnerable groups
Maternal health
Mother's death brings attention to racial health disparities
Published Feb 26, 2019
Bloomberg School alum Shalon Irving died in 2017 of complications from high blood pressure three weeks after giving birth
Interdisciplinary scholar
Cancer screening, prevention expert Otis Brawley joins faculty
Published Jan 23, 2019
JHU's 39th Bloomberg Distinguished Professor will lead research of cancer health disparities at the School of Public Health, Kimmel Cancer Center
Racial, economic factors contribute to differences in surgical care
Published Sept 20, 2017
Poor and minority patients receive less optimal pain management, are placed on enhanced recovery protocols later than wealthier, white counterparts / Hopkins Medicine
Health disparities
Striving for health equity
Published April 17, 2017
Hopkins Medicine's Dean's Symposium in Washington, D.C., highlights efforts to reduce minority health disparities
Health disparities
Cervical cancer death rates higher than previously thought
Published Jan 24, 2017
Risk of dying greater among black women and women over the age of 65, study finds
Health equity
Cooper named 25th BDP
Published Dec 7, 2016
Health equity researcher plans to establish new institute, deepen ties with at-risk communities