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Health care

Sexual orientation and patient care
Published Aug 1, 2018
Survey finds that only half of health care practitioners routinely ask their patients about sexual orientation
Interdisciplinary scholar
Global health policy expert named 34th BDP
Published July 2, 2018
Jeremy Shiffman, who comes from American University, views health care policy through the lens of political science
Medicated and verified
Published Spring 2018
Could the app that revolutionized the treatment of tuberculosis also help make a dent in the opioid crisis? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Transgender health
Gender-affirming surgeries on the rise
Published Feb 28, 2018
Study finds that from 2000-2014, the number of procedures increased, as did insurance coverage
Insuring parents means more kids get care
Published Feb 5, 2018
Expanding Medicaid to cover more low-income parents has spillover effect: more kids get immunizations, checkups
Children's health
Decline in U.S. childhood mortality lags
Published Jan 8, 2018
U.S. spends more per capita on children's health than other wealthy countries, has poorer outcomes than many
The merit of merit-based aid
Published Oct 25, 2017
Leaders at Hopkins, Harvard, Stanford say merit-based scholarships may be detrimental to future of medicine
Experimental medicine
Expanding access to trial drugs
Published Aug 1, 2017
Carey Business School expert proposes guidelines to help terminally ill patients gain access to drugs in clinical trials
Health care
Study looks at ACA's impact on ER visits
Published July 24, 2017
Medicaid expansion had no significant effect on Md. emergency department visits, researchers find
Health care
An insurance moral hazard
Published March 15, 2017
Many people with chronic illnesses choose needlessly costly insurance plans, driving costs up for everyone, Carey Business study finds