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Gregg semenza

State House honor
Capital congrats
Published Feb 13, 2020
Gregg Semenza received Governor's Citation and congratulations from both houses of the Maryland General Assembly for his 2019 Nobel Prize
Nobel Week
Gregg Semenza accepts Nobel Prize
Published Dec 11, 2019
It was the moment of a lifetime for the Johns Hopkins physician-scientist, who was among 14 laureates to be honored at a formal ceremony attended by friends, family, and members of Sweden's royal family
A noble gesture by a Nobel laureate
Published Dec 10, 2019
En route to dinner in his honor, Gregg Semenza aids man who had fallen outside Stockholm museum
'Tis the season in Stockholm
Published Dec 10, 2019
The spirit of Christmastime is fused with Nobel Week in Stockholm, with the Nobel Prize Museum in the city's heart the epicenter of much of the spectacle
Nobel week
A Nobel journey a lifetime in the making
Published Dec 9, 2019
During his Nobel Prize lecture, Johns Hopkins physician-scientist Gregg Semenza expresses gratitude to the many colleagues, students, postdocs, and others who helped him reach his career-defining achievements and offers a memorable thank you to his wife and children
Nobel Week
An uncommon path yields beautiful discoveries
Published Dec 6, 2019
Gregg Semenza, William B. Kaelin, and Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe, winners of the 2019 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, discuss their award-winning findings and the importance of inspiring a new generation of researchers
Nobel Week
For Nobel laureates, a whirlwind welcome
Published Dec 6, 2019
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine professor Gregg Semenza arrives with fanfare in Sweden to receive his Nobel Prize and enjoy his moments of fame
5 things everyone should know about science
Published Dec 3, 2019
Before heading to Sweden to accept his Nobel Prize, Hopkins scientist Gregg Semenza shares five insights about science he wants more people to understand
Nobel winner Gregg Semenza advocates for basic science
Published Dec 2, 2019
The award has thrust the Johns Hopkins physician-scientist into a global spotlight, and he's taken the opportunity to highlight the importance of science in childhood education
'A discovery that is going to change medicine forever'
Published Oct 7, 2019
Gregg Semenza's groundbreaking work on the behavior of cells in low oxygen settings—work that has far-reaching implications for the understanding and treatment of a variety of illnesses and diseases—is recognized with the most prestigious award in science