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Faculty honors
Field geologist Emmy Smith awarded Sloan Research Fellowship
Published Feb 22, 2021
The fellowship recognizes her for her scientific research, which takes place at ancient geological sites around the world
Intersession 2020
Digging into Earth's history
Published Jan 28, 2020
In geology fieldwork Intersession class, students hike the mountains of the Mojave Desert to record and categorize rock formations to better understand millions of years of planetary history
Rocky relationships
2.5 billion years of breaking up and getting back together
Published Aug 7, 2019
A new study led by scientists at Hopkins shows how plate tectonics has evolved during the Earth's 4.56-billion-year history
Earth sciences
A volcanologist's view of Kilauea
Published June 13, 2018
Hopkins alum Thomas Wright, an expert on volcano hazards in Hawaii, discusses last month's Kilauea eruption
Honoring a legacy
Published Sept 7, 2016
Group wants to rename section of Md. river after late JHU geologist 'Reds' Wolman / The Carroll County Times
Not so rare?
Deep-Earth diamond find
Published Nov 4, 2015
JHU scientists develop new theory about simpler diamond formation
Finding clues in carbon
Published Nov 20, 2014
JHU-led team suggests ways subterranean carbon might have influenced history of life on Earth
Down to earth
JHU geologist honored
Published Aug 5, 2013
Levin recognized for contributions to understanding of environments of early humans