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Get real
JHU commits to local, sustainable food sources
Published Nov 4, 2013
Daniels signs Real Food Challenge, pledging at least 35 percent of food purchases will be local, sustainable, humane and fair-trade by 2020
Tasty Trio
All-natural A-list eateries
Published Oct 10, 2013
A glimpse inside the culinary mind behind JHU's Azafrán, Alkimia, and Acanto cafés / Baltimore Magazine
Fine dining
High marks for meal plan
Published Sept 20, 2013
Survey says JHU offers one of nation's best college dining experiences
The misadventurer
A guide for getting lost
Published Summer 2013
For former Frugal Traveler Matt Gross, the best laid plans are the ones that don't work out / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Toast perfected
Published Spring 2013
One small step for mankind: Johns Hopkins undergrads engineer the perfect piece of toast / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Published Spring 2013
Consumers are demanding more sustainable foods. To feed the world, we'll need to apply those practices to global food systems / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A tasty assignment
Published Jan 2013 Video
For engineering course's capstone project, students design, build cooking-related device/ Gazette
CLF gives grants to 10 Md. teachers for food curriculum
Published Nov 2012
Curriculum emphasizes relationships among food, public health, diet, and the environment / Gazette
Meals on wheels
Published Oct 23, 2012
Food Truck Frenzy begins at 11 a.m. today at various JHU locations; portion of proceeds support United Way
Fishing for alternatives
Published Oct 5, 2012
Aquaponics Project produces fresh fish, vegetables, seen as model for sustainable urban farming / School of Public Health