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Food access

Food insecurity
The benefits of SNAP
Published Fall 2023
A nursing professor's personal experiences inform her research into economic and racial disparities and their effects on health / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Public health
Food insecurity doubled likelihood of missing medical care during first year of pandemic in U.S.
Published April 15, 2022
Survey conducted in December 2020 also found minorities and low-income individuals were at elevated risk of food insecurity
Recipe for independence
Published July 6, 2021
PhD candidate Anna Moyer's site Accessible Chef has become a go-to cooking resource for people with intellectual disabilities
Alumni spotlight
Alum Taz Shah named Emerson Fellow
Published July 1, 2021
The 2019 graduate will work with community organizations focused on national anti-hunger and anti-poverty policies
Lending a helping hand
Published Feb 8, 2021
Professor Adam Sheingate takes a front-line role in helping distribute COVID-relief packages to Baltimore families
Fighting food insecurity during a global pandemic
Published Jan 6, 2021
Jessica Fanzo, of JHU's Global Food Ethics and Policy Program, urges government cooperation to address the growing crisis / Nature
World Food Day
Sustainable diets: It's not a fantasy
Published Oct 16, 2020
Climate and food systems are inextricably linked—damage to one leads to damage to the other. But improving one means improving the other, too, says global food policy expert Jess Fanzo.
Pediatric health
Infants in households with very low food security may have greater obesity risk
Published Aug 28, 2020
Diet and weight gain in infancy are believed to factor into future obesity and health concerns; low food security is now widespread in the U.S. due to the COVID-19 crisis, researchers say
Hopkins launches initiative to feed 2,000 families in need
Published April 24, 2020
Partnership with community organizations provides emergency food assistance to families impacted by COVID-19
Protecting food security during a pandemic
Published March 13, 2020
The government should expand access to food programs and guarantee sick leave, write Roni Neff and Erin Biehl of the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future / The Hill