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An avoidable collapse?
Published Feb 25, 2018
Economist Laurence Ball's research suggests Fed could have prevented 2008 Lehman Brothers failure / The New York Times
Health and economics
How the recession weighed on children
Published Feb 25, 2018
Study links unemployment during economic downturn with weight gain in California schoolchildren / School of Public Health
Hidden demand
Published Feb 25, 2018
Why some people would pay for a drug they probably won't ever need
E-tail emergence
Digging into online deals
Published Feb 25, 2018
JHU professor explores purchase habits of consumers, who are increasingly going online / Carey Business magazine
The case for inflation
Published Feb 25, 2018
JHU economist: Fed could do more to reverse damage of recession by keeping interest rates near zero
Housing market
A shaky foundation
Published Feb 25, 2018
Tremors in housing market pose greater risk to emerging economies, researchers say
Think fast
Going with your gut
Published Feb 25, 2018
When making decisions, intuition can be better than a rational, deliberate approach, researchers find
Choke scientist
Under pressure
Published Feb 25, 2018
JHU researcher explores what happens to the brain's reward system circuitry when the stakes are high
Home schooled?
An equation for success
Published Feb 25, 2018
Research shows link between affordable housing and children's intellectual ability
'The long shadow'
Study explores how early years affect children's lives
Published Feb 25, 2018
Johns Hopkins sociologist Karl Alexander and his fellow researchers tracked 790 Baltimore children for a quarter century