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Economics and race
The boomerang generation
Published May 7, 2018
The economy kept black and white young adults from leaving the nest, but for two very different reasons, study finds
Under the weather
Lessons from the 2017 hurricane season
Published Jan 5, 2018
Carey Business School faculty members explore how we might apply the lessons of business and economics to the threat of natural disasters
Economist discusses next Fed chair
Published Nov 2, 2017
Carey School's Alessandro Rebucci offers insight on Jerome Powell, Trump's pick to lead the Federal Reserve
Data-driven look at city's business challenges
Published Oct 24, 2017
University and city leaders discuss recent report from Johns Hopkins' 21st Century Cities Initiative
21st Century Cities
How Baltimore can help businesses prosper
Published Sept 28, 2017
New report from 21st Century Cities Initiative examines how funding in Baltimore affects small businesses, economic growth
Fidget spinner fact and fiction
Published June 20, 2017
Claims that devices help kids with ADD, autism are nothing more than 'smart marketing,' Hopkins doctor says
Screen test
Published Summer 2017
Policymakers can have disruptive effects on industries even if they have good intentions, Hopkins economist finds / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Tax relief
Traffic fees helps kids breathe easier
Published March 2, 2017
JHU economist finds that congestion fees in Stockholm lowered pollution and had a positive effect on health
What can be done about gender wage gaps?
Published Jan 11, 2017
Study: Earnings disparities between men, women are greatest in world's wealthiest countries
The free market and climate science
Published Dec 30, 2016
BDP Paul Ferraro argues that people who believe in the free market should also believe in man-made climate change / Bloomberg View