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An optimist's take on dead zones
Published Summer 2021
Ecologist Sarah Preheim discusses dead zones, algae blooms, and working on the Chesapeake Bay / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Research that's in the weeds
Published Winter 2020
Postdoc Ava Hoffman is bringing new life to the Homewood greenhouse as she researches how plants adapt to urban environments / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Dam near full
Published Winter 2017
For the past 90 years, the Conowingo Dam has prevented fertilizer runoff from nearby farms from entering the Chesapeake, but as the dam fills with silt, it becomes less effective / Johns Hopkins Magazine
In memoriam
Ecologist William Sladen dies at 96
Published June 21, 2017
Teacher, Antarctic explorer, researcher whose work helped convince EPA to ban pesticide DDT was Johns Hopkins faculty member from 1957 to 1983
Paleoecologist Grace Brush
Published May-June 2014
A conversation with paleoecologist known for her work on pre- and post-Colonial Chesapeake Bay ecology / Gazette