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child development

A beautiful day for a neighbor
Published July 17, 2018
Carey researcher revisits her award-winning dissertation on the enduring legacy of 'Mister Rogers' Neighborhood'
Childhood development
Products of their environments
Published July 17, 2018
A neighborhood's quality has a lasting effect on a child's behavior, Bloomberg School researchers find
Understanding childhood resilience
Published July 17, 2018
In study of Hispanic children, researchers find those in immigrant families experience less trauma than U.S.-native born counterparts / Hopkins Medicine
Autism research
Tooth fairy in the lab
Published July 17, 2018
Scientists study unexpected source of information about in utero exposure to harmful materials: baby teeth
AHCA puts children's health at risk
Published July 17, 2018
Public health expert Josh Sharfstein says legislation as drafted breaks 'core guarantee' / Journal of the American Medical Association
Public policy
Public housing and child well-being
Published July 17, 2018
Subsidized housing appears to boost high-performing kids but have opposite effect on those with low test scores, behavioral issues
BSPH part of study on environmental influences on child health
Published July 17, 2018
Bloomberg School receives $95M NIH grant to analyze data for new initiative
Parental guidance
Published July 17, 2018
Parenting program helps Baltimore families improve outcomes for their children
Ready for success?
Published July 17, 2018
School of Nursing study links kindergarten readiness to long-term academic outcomes / School of Nursing
Smart play
Blocks and brains
Published July 17, 2018 Video
CTY researcher looks at spatial skills learned through Lego play