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Cancer research
Machine learning can help predict patient response to cancer immunotherapy
Published Nov 17, 2022
Algorithm gives insights into the biology behind an effective immune response
Faculty news
Molecular biologist Erika Pearce joins Johns Hopkins as Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
Published April 6, 2021
A leading expert in the field of immunometabolism, she comes to the university from the Max Planck Institute of Immunology and Epigenetics
Faculty news
Immunologist Ed Pearce joins Johns Hopkins as Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
Published March 30, 2021
An expert in immunometabolism, he will hold appointments in the departments of Oncology and Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, as well as the Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
Cancer research
Immunotherapy better than chemo at treating rare form of skin cancer
Published March 5, 2019
Drug marketed as Keytruda shown to be more effective than chemotherapy at treating Merkel cell carcinoma
Cancer research
Suppressing YAP protein gives immunotherapy a boost
Published Aug 7, 2018
In mouse study, researchers find that turning off YAP protein in regulatory T-cells enhances anti-tumor immune response
One-two punch for ovarian cancer
Published Dec 5, 2017
Mouse study finds that combination immunotherapy could improve ovarian cancer treatment
Cancer research
FDA approves cancer drug for personalized immunotherapy approach
Published May 25, 2017
Drug was developed from 30 years of basic research at Johns Hopkins
Cancer research
Immune to immunotherapy
Published Jan 6, 2017
Johns Hopkins scientists zero in on process that helps cancer cells evade immune system attacks during immunotherapy treatment
Cancer research
A landmark year for immunotherapy
Published Dec 28, 2016
Bloomberg–Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy director recaps five major research findings from 2016
Cancer research
How immunotherapy works
Published Dec 20, 2016
Treatment is like releasing the immune system's 'parking brake,' JHU oncologist Drew Pardoll says / The Washington Post