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Bloomberg distinguished professorships

Health care consolidation poses hazards to health system goals
Published March 23, 2021
In 'New England Journal of Medicine,' Bloomberg Distinguished Professor calls for greater transparency in health care industry to protect doctors and patients alike / New England Journal of Medicine
Molecular biologist Jeff Coller joins Johns Hopkins
Published March 16, 2021
As a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, he will hold appointments in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine
Education and racial justice expert Odis Johnson joins Johns Hopkins
Published Dec 16, 2020
He is the principal investigator of a national study of fatal interactions with police and an expert in educational disparities
Faculty news
Andrew Feinberg named Hagler Fellow at Texas A&M University
Published Dec 10, 2020
The Bloomberg Distinguished Professor will conduct epigenetic studies at TAMU facilities and build research collaborations between the universities through the fellowship
What is intelligence?
Published Oct 5, 2020
Neuroeconomist Daeyeol Lee discusses his new book and the development of artificial intelligence, asking 'Will AI ever surpass human intelligence?'
Daniel Polsky named to panel on equitable allocation of COVID-19 vaccines
Published July 31, 2020
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor with appointments in the Carey Business School and Bloomberg School of Public Health joins a panel of experts who will advise policymakers on the fair allocation of COVID-19 vaccines
Tomato study reveals juicy genes
Published June 17, 2020
In genomic study of 100 tomato varieties, scientists uncover more than 230,000 DNA variations that can be manipulated to affect the size, flavor, and harvestability of tomatoes
Lisa Cooper to direct Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute
Published April 21, 2020
Cooper, who has devoted her career to addressing health disparities through her research and practice, shapes new vision for institute with focus on health equity for Baltimore's most vulnerable groups
The code breakers
Published Spring 2020
From tomatoes to cancer cells, Michael Schatz and others at Johns Hopkins go deep inside genomes to unlock the secrets to life's variety / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Serum stopgap could slow COVID-19 spread
Published March 13, 2020
Infusions of antibody-laden blood have been used with reported success in prior outbreaks, including the SARS epidemic and the 1918 flu pandemic