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Watch: Cells flatten themselves to better move through mucus
Published July 25, 2022
"Ruffle" appendages on certain cells help them sense the viscosity of fluids around them, allowing them to transform their shape to better move around
Faculty spotlight
Uncovering the mysteries of cell proteins
Published March 8, 2021
In her lab at Johns Hopkins, biophysicist Karen Fleming investigates how proteins fold, interact, and mutate
Basic science study may help stop harmful viruses in their tracks
Published June 4, 2020
Johns Hopkins biophysicist Stephen Fried will study the virus that causes COVID-19 and look for ways to block an important mechanism relating to viral replication
This artwork is alive
Published Fall 2019
PhD student Kiara Eldred has found herself at the center of an unlikely intersection: she's been growing complex retinal organoids from stem cells for an experimental art installation in Hong Kong / Johns Hopkins Magazine
That's a stretch
Amazing spider silk
Published Feb 16, 2016
Super-elastic proteins key to spider web's stretchiness, researchers find / Hopkins Medicine
Plantibody roots
Ebola treatment has JHU ties
Published Aug 12, 2014
Co-founders of Mapp Biopharmaceutical worked in Richard Cone's lab studying 'plantibodies' / NBC News
Local teens in the lab
Published Fall 2013
Baltimore teens traded the swimming pool for the lab as participants in the summer Biophysics Research for Baltimore Teens internship / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Summer school
Published June 26, 2013
Biophysics Research for Baltimore Teens teaches high school students from low-income communities about careers in science by exposing them to the thrills of lab work