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Ancient proteins offer new clues about origins of life on Earth
Published Feb 27, 2023
In early Earth simulation co-led by Hopkins researchers, scientists gain insights into how amino acids shaped the genetic code of ancient microorganisms
Surprising protein behavior could improve understanding of aging
Published Jan 13, 2023
E. coli proteins lacking the ability to reassemble themselves could one day help scientists rethink studies of the human brain
Cellular stress enzyme might play key role in neurodegenerative diseases such as ALS
Published March 15, 2021
MARK2 enzyme controls cellular protein synthesis in response to types of stress or damage seen in neurodegenerative disorders, scientists target enzyme for new lines of research
In memoriam
Biochemistry expert P.C. Huang dies at 89
Published Aug 11, 2020
He spent 55 years on the faculty at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, co-edited the field-defining book 'Genetic Issues in Public Health and Medicine'
Scientists discover fundamental mechanism for RNA regulation
Published Feb 4, 2020
The process removes tangled strands of RNA from cells, a discovery that could help researchers understand how certain degenerative and communicable diseases develop
Biochemical engineering
Soft 'smart' robots?
Published Sept 15, 2017
DNA trigger causes hydrogels to change shape, a new way to create robots that don't rely on wires or batteries
Cancer research
Slowing cancer's spread
Published May 26, 2017
Johns Hopkins-led team finds promising way to disrupt signals that trigger metastasis
Interdisciplinary scholar
Carl Wu named 23rd BDP
Published Aug 3, 2016
Renowned expert on chromatin biology, biochemistry will establish new lab to investigate chromatin structure, gene regulation
Brain matters
Experimental compound appears to turn on learning
Published Sept 5, 2013
JHU, NIH researchers reverse Down syndrome-like learning deficits in mice / Hopkins Medicine