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Behind the scenes of 'Cabaret'
Published Summer 2019
For 100 years, the student-run Barnstormers has put on perfectly marvelous theater productions. But it's not all song and dance. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
On stage
Discovering Laramie
Published Oct 25, 2018
JHU Barnstormers present the story of Matthew Shepard, whose 1998 murder became a flashpoint for the gay rights movement
Beneath boisterous surface, something dark
Published April 11, 2018
JHU Barnstormers stage an enchanting performance of Broadway favorite 'Pippin'
On stage
Good 'Company'
Published April 2, 2015 Photos
JHU Barnstormers six-performance run of Sondheim musical kicks off Friday
Stage fright
Barbershop of horrors
Published April 5, 2013
Barnstormers, JHU's oldest theater troupe, wrap up season with 'thrilling' staging of 'Sweeney Todd'