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Black hole devours star
Published Dec 11, 2017
JHU scientist leads international team in observing black hole swallowing star, ejecting flare moving at nearly the speed of light
JHU cosmologist honored
Published Dec 11, 2017
Alex Szalay receives IEEE Computer Society Sidney Fernbach Award
CLASS trip
Moving toward 'first light'
Published Dec 11, 2017 Video
High-powered JHU telescope, designed to explore early universe, prepares to relocate to Chile
Bennett wins physics honor
Published Dec 11, 2017
Tomassoni Chisesi Prize recognizes leadership in two experiments that reshaped our view of the universe
Star bright
Split supernova images
Published Dec 11, 2017
Research team lead by JHU astronomer uses Hubble to view light from distant exploding star
Astrophysicist shares honor
Published Dec 11, 2017
Marc Kamionkowski receives Dannie Heineman Prize for his scientific contributions to our understanding of the universe
Milky Way rays
Space molecule mystery
Published Dec 11, 2017
Analysis of light of hundreds of thousands of space objects yields clues about century-old celestial puzzle
Breakthrough Prize
Astrophysicist Adam Riess shares $3M physics award
Published Dec 11, 2017
Nobel laureate among recipients of world's most lucrative academic prize for discovering the acceleration of the expansion of the universe
Black holes block new stars
Published Dec 11, 2017
Heat from fast-moving particles prevents cooling that creates new stars, study suggests
Universal knowledge
Award for astrophysicist
Published Dec 11, 2017
Brice Ménard recognized by Packard Fellowship program as one of nation's most innovative young scientists